100% mongolian cashmere (Color: 57, 1300 m 100 g, yarn Nm 26/2)

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Nm 26/2, 1300 m 100 g
Color: 57

Made in Mongolia (Gobi)

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100% mongolian cashmere

Yarn Nm 26/2, 1300 m 100 g

Color: 57 (natural, undyed)

Bobbins cost is given at the rate per kg or less than $ 0.2  per 1 g.

Example: skein of 25 grams will cost less than $ 5

Made in Mongolia (Gobi)

Note: Before unwinding the yarn, we necessarily weigh and mark the cones. Marking on the inner surface of the cone contains the following information:
- cone weight in grams
- net weight of yarn on a cone in grams


cashmere yarn cone label


2-ply, 1300 m/100 g
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