7 January 2020 - Sweater of 100% SARLAG camel down

07 January 2020

One more sweater, extremely warm. Knitted on a knitting machine of the fifth class. Yarn: 100% camel down. Used this yarn for the first time. I was not impressed by the yarn in the bobbin, it was like string, but I 'm persistent... After the 3-d wet-heat processing the yarn transformed: became soft, fluffy, flexible, the loops became straight, but it goes out of shape a little bit. Magic yarn!!! Thank you @ sarlag _ yarn for the yarn, I've also bought 100% yak down, I will test it.


Author: Helen, @xelena1000 - Instagram

свитер из верблюжьего sarlag

свитер из верблюжьего пуха sarlag

свитер из пуха верблюда

свитер из пуха верблюда сарлаг

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