31 March 2020 - 100% SARLAG cashmere tutleneck

31 March 2020

I' knitting and knitting! Without stopping 🤪😜
A lot of ideas, as never before... I am bursting to knit, but I refrain! Orders refrain me, I need to collect them first. And send.
Between difficult orders, which I knit slowly, it is necessary to knit something easy, that's how I abstract my mind from them. And I knit jacquard very slow, and it seems that I don't work productively.
I'm lucky to have 2 machines, one item is hanging on the first machine, the second machine is knitting the other item.
The photo shows a repeat of the model from Mongolian cashmere, I added only a neckband. (Below there is a beige cashmere sweater - tunica). And what are you doing at home?
Are there many crazy knitters like me? Who are knitting and knitting. And what are you doing? 😉


Author: Olga Vatulina, @vatulina_olga - Instagram

водолазка из монгольского кашемира

пряжа сарлаг кашемир

сарлаг монгольский кашемир

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