28 April 2020 100% SARLAG yak down shawl

28 April 2020

Finished my #forestpathhap by @knitography
Such an easy and enjoyable knit! Also, love that this hap has a beautiful story behind it 🥰 I feel that pure yak undercoat yarn is perfect for this rustic knit 🧶
The story with yak down continues. It was perfect for the rustic Forest Path Hap shawl from Norwegian designer and farmer @ knitography
It is a classic triangular shawl with traditional shetland open work(slightly changed by the designer).
It is this simplicity, highlighted by natural yarn, that gives charm to the shawl.
The yarn in work was similar to cotton or cotton-merino. After washing appeared some fluff. Soft, gentle, at the same time obviously woolen ☁️ The Producer advices 3-5 mm needles. I used 4.5, the fabric seemed rude when using 5 mm needles. But after I saw the final result, I can say that 5 mm could also be used. Since the yarn is with fluff, it should not be tight knittied.
Well, thanks to @kamteks_official @sarlag_yarn @rukodeliekz for new impressions in knitting😊


Author: @knitted_away - Instagram

платок из яка сарлаг

платок из яка sarlag

платок из яка solgar

платок из яка саглар

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