25 December 2019 - Gloves made of 100% SARLAG yak down

25 December 2019

Gloves.... ⠀I was afraid of them. No, not them, but knitting them. It seemed to me very difficult! I couldn't think of knitting at least one glove😁
But knitters are very adventurous people and we'll find a way out - with luck or without.
To save my time #времядорого and nerves I bought glove workshop from @sashuknit. And it is my favourite workshop because everything is explained in the simplest terms (and for me, the visual learner) the most important was that the information was shown in video! So those who are still thinking should run and buy this workshop .

And now about gloves. They are knitted from 100% Mongolian yak from @sarlag_yarn, 1 skein was used (50g, 200 m), and there was enough yarn for a swatch. There was a down after washing, the yarn expanded and the space between the stitches was filled. I think the yarn will be even better after subsequent washings.

I am happy! Hands in heat! The perfectionist in me is rejoicing 🤣



Author: Olesya Kolesnikova, @lesya_koz - Instagram

Перчатки из пуха яка SARLAG

Перчатки из пуха яка

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