21 November 2019 - 100% SARLAG camel down

21 November 2019

Now there is a plaid of natural camel from @ sarlag _ yarn for my friend 's baby girl on my needles. 100% eco, bio, safe and all these popular words🍀
The yarn is fabulous, I want knit from it a hood, a cap, a neckwarmer, gloves, socks and a plaid, but there will be enough only for one item, because I have already knitted a cap and a neckwarmer for my husband, and from the rest I'll knit a plaid😂
I thought that the consumption would be higher, but I used only 2 beige skeins and 1.5 brown skein for knitting the square of one meter wide and 40 centimeters height (1 skein - 50 g).

Author: Alenka, @more.petel - Instagram

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