2 May 2020 - 100% SARLAG camel down

02 May 2020

2 sleeves at the same time from one skein by magic loop method. Notably the crown of sleeve, which height is only 1.5 cm, is knitted according to the pattern, as they teach at @schoolknitting 📝📏 Circular knitting is an excellent way to save your time. I always knit using this method if the item allows. The advantage is the minimum quantity of "tails" and seams😉

I don't like double pointed needles, I use them rarely. What do you prefer?
And a question! ☝️ Is it interesting to you to observe a product creation process ? ❤️


Author: Ludmila, @liudmila_pru - Instagram

пряжа пух верблюжонка

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