16 December 2019 - 100% SARLAG camel down pull-over

16 December 2019

Girls, if you haven 't knitted a perfect pull-over for your boy/husband/father/brother yet, then you urgently need Anna @ annaboronbekova. Today she is putting out a new description # базовый_джемпер, in the testing of which I was lucky enough to participate.
The description is excellent - everything is loud and clear. The calculation is given to any size - from XS (I'm thinking of knitting for myself😍) to 3XL!
So, the author of the description #базовый_джемпер is @ annaboronbekova
Yarn - camel down from @ sarlag _ yarn 200m/50g


Author: Nadya, Ryazan, @_nadya_r_ - Instagram

Джемпер из верблюжьего пуха SARLAG

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