14 October 2019 - 100% SARLAG cashmere turtleneck

14 October 2019

This year I have a new participation format at @ wool _ market - I will be a guest! I will buy yarn and different cute things, have a long chat and go home very happy, charged with my favourite atmosphere of the holiday. As always I have a want list:.
@hats_with_pictures I have been looking at her for a long time 😋 .
@lost_and_found_jewelry I won 't pass by anyway,.
To Valya @ cyxodol for cute things,.
To Masha @maria.levine for a rainbow🌈 .
To Galya @manefaknits to boast of my angora jacket 😌.
To the cashmere dealer @sarlag_yarn to boast of a new turtleneck (by the way it on the first page), well and for the next dose of yarn 😅.
And @tarasova_marusya, @svetlanaselivanova, @margarita.terekhova, @lavka_kafka @salon_ili_ili and many others! Well-known and new, kind and smiling) Well, I look forward to seeing you!.
Woolmarket takes place on 26.10 traditionally at Flacon in Cube (our first "house" is there) from 12 to 20. Free entrance. There is geotag for the location 👆🏼😉 #wool_market ✨


Author: Helen, Moscow, @elen_koroleva - Instagram

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