14 October 2019 - 100% SARLAG yak down hat

14 October 2019

To the joy of my parents, I have always been a conscious and serious child thinking about the consequences. That's why I used to wear a hat during the season.

🤗 Well, I tried to avoid my reflection in the mirror.
And entering the school I stuffed this very hat into the bag with shoes😂
But nevertheless, I put on something intended to warm my ears every time I went outdoors 👌🏻.

🔥And now- hurrah! I found a hat that I don't want to take off quickly and put it somewhere. It happened due to the testing #just_hat_mknitochka from Vera @miss_knitochka 😍.
Stylish, easy to perform and it perfectly complements both classic and sport style! Every girl needs such a hat in her wardrobe! 👍🏻

I'll tell you about the yarn individually. I just want to tell you that it is the coziest, softest and coolest hat! 😍

❓Do you have your favourite hat? Tell us, please!


Author: Anna, @anna_tibabisheva - Instagram

шапка из монгольской пряжи sarlag

шапка из монгольской пряжи сарлаг

шапка из монгольской пряжи як

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