13 November 2019 - 100% SARLAG yak down mittens and SARLAG cashmere sample

13 November 2019

Hello, people 😊.
You are probably surprised to see my post now, because it 's been a while since I 've published anything. But I really want to share my little joy and these are my new mittens!
Yeah, I didn 't knit them and yeah, they are machine knitted, but! They are double and are knitted from magical, warm and wonderful 100% yak down from @ sarlag _ yarn. I know exactly about the quality of the yarn and its properties, because I have already knitted from it. Below there are comments on the yarn on my page. I'll tell you again that it 's very soft and warm! And as I am a cold-sensitive woman and I my hands are always cold (but now I know the reason, I work on this problem), and winter and cold weather are closer and closer, and I can't find any time for knitting, though I am sick for needles and yarn... So, I couldn 't stand it and bought wonderful and warm mittens. Lena @ color _ yarn helped me to purchase them. Visit her page, she also colours yarn. Colours are so fantastic that it's impossible not to fall in love 😍.
And in the can there is a sample of cashmere from @ sarlag _ yarn, it 's so great! Those who know real cashmere will understand me. And you know knitting is fascinating and engaging, but the transformation of the yarn after washing, when from a nasty duck in turns into a magic swan (well, maybe not quite an exact comparison, not such a nasty duck) - is a unique process of expectation and delight from the magical transformation! And I mean not only cashmere. At first I was amazed at camel, then yak. And cashmere only waits its turn, and there is awe and excitement in the chest from meeting his majesty cashmere! See you later!
I wish everyone happiness! Love! and Pleasures!
p.s. Have you smiled? ☺️😉😘

Author: Nataliya, @nata_lya75 - Instagram

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