13 April 2020 - 100% SARLAG Mongolian cashmere

13 April 2020

Cashmeeeere.... 100%.... not cashmere from outlet, but from Mongolia ☝️ from @sarlag_yarn
I've always wanted a cashmere thing for myself, because it 's the best thing ever... well and silk, of course 💫

The second photo in the carousel shows my comment during the live broadcast about this colour "Sage" (I made a screenshot for not to get mixed over the shades when ordering). But I did't make my order at once to take it from @ wool _ market 01.02.2020. I thought that I could by it right there. But in the end there was a 700 g bobbin without winding off😒 Sadness and grief. As a result I ordered it the next day, but the price was 25% higher! 🙈 But I wanted this shade so much 🙋
I'm knitting a jumper for the first time with the help of @schoolknitting "Set-in Sleeve", ooh there are so many calculations and measures, but it is even more interesting for me 😉
In my opinion Knit pro needles from @radirinalt are ideal for this yarn, they are my favourite needles now💯

For today 2 sleeves are absolutely ready and the back is almost ready. I will not overload the front with patterns, only a few braids, cashmere in such colour is self-sufficient 💫

Even the photo transfers softness and tenderness of cashmere ❤️


Author: Ludmila, @iliudmila_pru - Instagram

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