12 November 2019 - Parcel with SARLAG yarn

12 November 2019

This is a photo of my parcel from @ sarlag _ yarn. I'm sitting and admiring it 😍 I bought yak and camel yarn, I decided to try bobbin yarn at first. And I was given a 100g skein of 100% camel yarn! Colour scheme (very easy to choose next time) and a can with cashmere are wonderful according to my opinion, even colour numbers are written. And the Mongolian banknote😊 and a card with a handbag. All the yarn is film-wrapped, cones are carefully signed. In general, everything is impeccable!
And I received the parcel in three days! By the way I couldn't get to the post office yesterday. And, generally Russian Post Office @ ruspostoffical works perfectly!

Author: Nataliya, Kremlevo, the Ryazan Region, @trushina.natalia2 - Instagram

посылка с пряжей sarlag

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